Grow A Sustainable Garden: Part 2

By Adam Dziewa, Education Intern Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man. ~ Stewart Udall Now that we’ve cleaned up our water, soil and weeds, let’s take a look our sustainability as it relates to our plantings, including flowers and lawns. As you are planning out your […]

Grow A Sustainable Garden: Part 1

by Adam Dziewa, Education Intern Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels. ~Shari Arison I hope everyone was able to enjoy Earth Day a few weeks ago! From the Garden’s mindset, we celebrate Earth Day year round by educating the communities of Northeast Wisconsin. […]

Grand Garden: Last Month of Construction

By Susan Garot, Executive Director Progress continues on the Grand Garden, with building finishes being completed. Next up is the site electrical, final grading, installation of the curb, gutter and roadways, and completing the retaining walls. Once June arrives, we’ll be installing the grass and preparing the garden beds to accept 11,500 perennials and over […]

Grand Garden: Moving Right Along

By Susan Garot, Executive Director The Grand Garden truly is becoming more and more grand as the construction progresses. It’s so much fun to come to work each day and watch the dream become a reality! To date, we remain on time and on budget, thanks to the great team at Miron and Somerville! Thank […]

Grand Garden: Be A Part Of Something Grand

by Susan Garot, Executive Director We have selected the “art” piece we’ll be using for the donor recognition for the Grand Garden and hope you love it like we do.  Thanks to Skyline Exhibit Resource for their creativity. All donors at the $500 level and above will have their name on the “spray” (as in […]

Your Garden Is For Families

Linda Gustke, Education Manager When you think of the Garden, we hope it brings about many wonderful thoughts. Not only is it a place for peace and tranquility, beautiful flowers and pristine landscaping, but it is also a place where kids can run and play, and discover the wonders all around them. The latter might […]

Grand Garden: Artistry in Stone

By Susan Garot, Executive Director The amphitheater and concession buildings are wrapped in plastic as construction continues in all weather conditions. The masons have been busy putting the stone on the structures, and their work is truly artistic. Watching them place the stones on the structures is like watching a puzzle master complete a 1,000 […]

Garden Planning Tips from Ellen Ecker Ogden

By Linda Gustke, Education Manager As we plan our gardens for the upcoming season, purchasing seeds from a quality source is at the top of the To-Do list. For Ellen Ecker Ogden, the Garden’s Spring Thaw Symposium & Lecture presenter, finding the perfect bench solves the first step to perfect garden design. Her latest blog post, […]

Grand Garden: Walled In

By Mark A. Konlock, Director of Horticulture Despite the cold weather and the random precipitation (rain, snow, freezing rain), Miron and their subcontractors are moving forward nicely on the Grand Garden construction. As you can see in the pictures, the masons are working on the retaining walls and structural walls under cover of a plastic […]