4 Helpful Hints for the Perfect Date at the Garden

Dates can be scary! Whether it’s your first time getting to know someone new, or one of many excursions with your long-term partner, you don’t want to disappoint. Still, with rising costs and limited options, how can you plan a date that’s sure to impress? Try visiting the Garden!

The Garden is the perfect relaxing outdoor space to have a casual date. Our 47 acres provide the flexibility for you and your special someone to explore for as long (or short) as you’d like! Get to know each other while strolling through our many trails, and if there’s a lull, the architecture, gorgeous blooms, and stunning scenery are sure to keep the conversation flowing.

lily pads on water

Plan a Picnic

Curating a handcrafted picnic is an impressive addition to your day at the Garden! We allow food carry-ins during normal Garden hours, so you’re welcome to find a cozy spot to take a minute for a romantic meal. The new Carol & Bruce Bell Children’s Garden also offers the Lodge Shelter with picnic tables with a chance to let your inner kid explore afterwards or you can check out the Mabel Thome Patio or the WPS Foundation Plaza for a quieter option. Plus, there are plenty of lawn options to spread out with a blanket and a basket!  

Concessions Building & WPS Foundation Plaza

While a few kids and visitors may wander by, there won’t be the awkward interruption of waiters, or the pressure of freeing up a table for the next reservation. Plus, if a swanky restaurant isn’t in the budget, a picnic is a great way to show your thoughtfulness without breaking the bank.

Whether it’s a cheeseboard you’ve painstakingly assembled, or takeout sub sandwiches, your meal can be as fancy or casual as you’d like!

Test Your Plant Skills

Flowers are an age-old symbol of romance, and in our warmer months, the Garden is overflowing with beautiful blooms. With 81,100 perennials and more than 17,000 annuals, even if you’ve visited the Garden before, each week brings something new to see! During your stroll, download a plant ID app and test each other on your plant and flower knowledge – all for fun of course.

Wild Blue Yonder grandiflora rose

Have a Music-Filled Night Out

While casually wandering the Garden is a fabulous way to spend your day, if you’re especially nervous for a date, it can be nerve-wracking to not have an event to guide your time. If your looking for an activity to center your date around, we have plenty of events on the calendar year-round!

In summer, our concerts in the fabulous Schneider Family Grand Garden are the perfect way to spend a warm night outdoors in the setting sun. Better yet, each year we have a different lineup of artists from just about every genre. With that much variety, there’s sure to be a band that you’ll enjoy.

View of Sanimax Concert

If you’re looking for a way to wow your date in winter, WPS Garden of Lights is definitely a fan favorite. What could be more romantic than 40 different nature-themed displays comprised of 350,000 sparkling lights? Plus, if you need a warmup, festive treats and warm drinks are available for purchase in our Concessions Building on the WPS Foundation Plaza.

For the Frequent Flyer

If you frequent the Garden with a friend or partner, you might want to consider becoming a member. With our Plus One membership option, for just $75 annually, you’ll receive free unlimited daily admission for yourself and a guest – which also includes the Bell Children’s Garden for the kids-at-heart!

Being a member also means that you’ll be offered discounted rates for classes and event admission. It’s a great deal that gives you plenty of date night options without breaking the bank!

Now, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but the Garden is a wedding venue… No? Too soon? Okay, well go get em’ champ!

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