Memorials & Tributes

Honor and remember a loved one, pay tribute to someone who made an impact in your life, or commemorate a special occasion. Memorial and tribute opportunities at the Garden celebrate the important people in your life in an inspiring and refreshing environment. From books and tributes at concerts to stones and benches, choose the most meaningful tribute for your loved one. 

Opportunities are subject to change and based on availability.

New Opportunity: Village Tree House Tribute



Name of your choosing engraved on a leaf. This unique tribute will be attached to the existing treehouse in the Gertrude B. Nielsen Village within the Carol & Bruce Bell Children’s Garden. Children 17 & Under are eligible to be recognized.

Tribute Trellis

Name is inscribed on a metal badge on the Tribute Trellis located in the Lux Foundation Upper Rose Garden. Renewal option at the end of term.


• Aspen Leaf  $150 | 8 years

• Butterfly  $300 | 10 years

• Magnolia Blossom  $750 | 15 years

Book(s) & Sponsorship of Educational Programs



Name or expression inscribed on a commemorative bookplate. Gift supports the Youth & Adult Education Programs, as well as the Children’s or Horticultural Lending Libraries.

Summer Concert Dedication



Dedicate a summer concert to celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary or retirement, to honor a loved one, or to commemorate the birth of a special individual. The dedication will be announced during a Thursday night Sanimax Concert at the Garden. Concert date of your choosing (dates subject to availability). Four tickets and four reserved seats are included.

Plant Endowment Societies



Name or expression is inscribed on the Society plaque in the Donald & Patricia Schneider Education Center. Plant Endowment Societies are the perfect way to leave a legacy and make a difference by helping maintain the Garden’s annual (Monet), rose (Redoute), and perennial (Renoir) plantings.

Wood Memorial Grove



Name engraved on stainless steel pillars of the main structure in the Memorial Grove.

Tribute Stone


Name or expression inscribed on 24” x 30” paving stones on the South Terrace.


Price Varies


Name or expression inscribed on brass plate on teak benches located throughout the Garden.

Contact Us

If you are making a memorial or tribute gift, download and complete the Memorial & Tribute Order Form so that we can properly acknowledge your gift. For more information about Memorials & Tributes, contact Jessica VanderMeuse, Executive Administration Assistant, at 920.593.5673 or

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