3 Steps for the Perfect Wedding Shower

We live in a wonderful era when many of the traditions and expectations for a wedding are evolving! While it’s exciting, it can be tricky to know which changes to adopt and which conventions suit you as a couple. If you’re looking for an easy swap, why not have a wedding shower instead of a bridal shower?

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What’s the difference? Historically, a bridal shower had been an event where the bride and the women in her life would celebrate her betrothal and socialize. If that fits your vision, that’s great! Still, inclusivity is important to a lot of modern couples. If you and your partner would rather share this experience or you don’t fit the classic “bride and groom” mold, why spend the day apart? After all, you can still opt to have separate bachelor or bachelorette parties if you’d really like your individual time to shine.

The People

So, how do you hold a wedding shower that everyone will enjoy? It starts with the guest list. We recommend holding your wedding shower at least three months prior to your wedding to keep the pressure off of the last couple of weeks before your big day. With this in mind, the wedding shower can be a great opportunity for those most important to you and your partner to celebrate you before the big day!

You can also have your wedding party meet and get to know other family and friends in a casual setting! This will help them get comfortable and feel more confident on your wedding day.

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If you have friends and family that may have to travel long distances to attend the wedding shower, consider stacking it on a weekend with other pre-wedding celebrations. This will accommodate for their commute, and be conscientious of the associated costs.

The Activities

Now that you have your guest list, it’s time to decide on activities! There’s no formula to the perfect wedding shower, so you should really do what you and your partner enjoy. While the classic bridal shower airs on the side of tea party, why not have a round of trivia, play board games, go for a hike, or have a potluck?

It’s also important to note that while a lot of wedding shower games revolve around the couple, like The Newlywed Game, you can totally forgo them if you aren’t comfortable with all the attention! It’s all about your preferences as a couple, and what you’ll enjoy the most with your friends and family.

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The Place

Now that almost everything is sorted, the last piece of the puzzle is the venue! If you’re having an intimate gathering with a small guest list, holding your wedding shower in a home can be a great option. Especially since it’s so easy on the budget. If you’re looking to rent a venue, make sure that it can accommodate the size of your party and all the fun activities you have planned.

If you have the Garden in mind, we’d be happy to help! We have a variety of indoor and outdoor rental locations, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your celebration. Contact weddings@gbbg.org for more information. Mention this blog post and you’ll get 10% off when booking your space!

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