All Fun, No Fuss: 4 Perks of Hosting Your Next Event Outdoors

Between kids being home from school, vacations, and more, summer seems to fly by faster every year! Planning a big event, like a birthday bash or reunion, adds even more to the mix. Thankfully, hosting an outdoor gathering can be a fun option for a low-fuss event, so that you can have just as much fun as your guests. Here are just a few perks of opting for an outdoor venue for your next gathering.

PC: John Oates Photography

Plenty of Elbow Room

Hosting events indoors in the cooler months can be stressful and crowded! With loud guests, energetic kids, and tons of activity, planning a gathering inside can be chaotic. Planning to meet in an outdoor space instead makes sure you’ll have plenty of breathing room.

If you’re looking to host a family-friendly event, the Carol & Bruce Bell Children’s Garden is sure to keep the kids (and kids at heart) busy for hours. The Raisanen Lodge is conveniently located in the Adventure Zone where kids can explore and unleash their boundless energy in the splash pad, maze, or playground.

The Mabel Thome Patio is the perfect indoor-outdoor option. Adjacent to the George Kress Suite of Classrooms, which are fully equipped with a fridge, sink, and more, it’s a great setup for reunions and graduation parties.

The Mabel Thome Patio, PC: John Oates Photography

Outdoor Fun

For an active crowd, outdoor activities are the perfect way to make sure everyone is engaged all day long. Offering a variety of lawn games, scavenger hunts, and more creates an inclusive environment where guests are free to mingle and have fun. From cornhole and lawn darts to trivia or bingo, the sky is truly the limit to what you can plan.

Here at the Garden, we’ve seen a handful of arts and craft stations at gatherings. They can be a great spot for kids to relax and unleash their creativity. Plus, with Garden-themed coloring sheets and crafts, they might learn a thing or two!

PC: Teresa Riehl

Plan a Potluck

A summer potluck is Wisconsin’s secret to a great summer gathering. It keeps it simple for the hosts and allows guests to flex their culinary skills. You can stick to family recipes and classics or spice things up!

If you have a long list of guests to feed, it might be best to cater in. Here at the Garden, we have a list of local preferred professionals that are familiar with the Garden and can accommodate events with more than 50 guests. Catering in creates a fuss-free atmosphere where you, the host, can sit back and enjoy the gathering.

The Raisanen Lodge, PC: John Oates Photography

Customize Your Space

For summer celebrations, there are so many fun and vibrant themes to set the tone for your gathering. Freestanding weighted balloons, floral decorations, and fun arches or photo backdrops are the perfect way to bring some extra fun to your outdoor space. Plus, incorporating a theme can be a great way to reflect the occasion you’re celebrating.

Since you’re gathering outdoors, it’s important to be mindful when you’re choosing decorations. Making simple swaps, like using bubbles instead of confetti or glitter, and making sure all your décor gets taken down at the end of the day is a great way to show care for the outdoor space that you’re enjoying.

If you think the Garden would be a perfect fit for your summer gathering, we’d be happy to help! We have a variety of indoor and outdoor rental locations, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your celebration. Contact for more information. Plus, mention this blog post, and you’ll get 10% off when booking your space!

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