couple walking by tulips and a water fountain with trees in the background

Love in Bloom: Choosing Your Dream Wedding Florals

From bouquets to table arrangements, florals are a huge part of modern weddings. But with so many emerging options, what are the best ways to feature flowers on your big day? Whether you’re dreaming of an exquisite bouquet, natural beauty, or seeking ways to preserve flowers from your day, let’s dive into the vast world of wedding florals.  

Stunning Spaces

There are plenty of gorgeous outdoor venues in the area, but you can’t outshine the 120,000+ plants that call the Garden home!

Our Johnson Woodland Garden is an enchanting venue featuring native greenery and wildflowers. With a serene forest ambiance and a stunning flagstone pathway, it’s the perfect space for an intimate reception.

outdoor ceremony in woodland garden
Johnson Woodland Garden, PC: John Oates Photography

The Kress Oval Garden is encompassed by vibrant perennials, two brilliant white arbors, a peaceful water fountain, and an exquisite Grecian dome. The space is formal enough for a special celebration while also feeling welcoming and warm.

Lastly, our Matthew Schmidt Wall Garden is surrounded by native trees, magnolias, blooming shrubs, wildflowers, and a breathtaking 130–foot living wall. Front and center is the Wangerin Pavilion, a contemporary backdrop structure for your exquisite ceremony. 

corsage on suit jacket
PC: Paul Manke Photography

Wearable Florals

Bouquets and boutonnieres are a simple way to let your personality shine on your big day. It’s important to consider who you’d like to receive them, and how you’d like them to look. By customizing the flower selection, color palette, design, and more, you’re sure to end up with beautiful arrangements that reflect you and your partner.

colorful bouquet
PC: Brian Lorrigan Photography


While the Garden’s ceremony spaces stun on their own, adding a personal touch can complete the look of any wedding. Floral arbors are a great décor option, and perfectly frame your celebration. Adding scattered petals or intricate floral arrangements to your aisle and chairs can also add to the ambiance of your big day.

floral arbor
PC: Jess Krcmar Photography

For tables and centerpieces, whether you choose vibrant blooms cascading from vases or subtle arrangements adorning each table, incorporating florals adds a touch of natural beauty to your reception. 

floral centerpiece
PC: Jess Krcmar Photography

Botanical Treats

If you’re looking for a unique way to include florals in your ceremony, botanical treats and drinks might be the perfect solution! Decorating your cake or desserts with edible flowers like pansies, roses, or hibiscus creates visual charm and infuses delicious floral flavors.

PC: David Holifield on Unsplash

For a refreshing drink on a hot day, freeze flowers into ice cubes, infuse drinks with citrus, or spruce up your cocktails with a variety of herbs. If you’re looking for a different kind of buzz, signature lattes with lavender, rose, and mint are impressive options your guests are sure to enjoy.

Share the Love

At the day’s end, sending your guests home with a few flower arrangements is a great way to express your gratitude, and make sure they don’t go to waste. Still, don’t forget to preserve some bouquets for you and your partner. Whether you press them for photo albums, dry them for ornaments, infuse them into oils, or create other beautiful objects, you’ll be happy to have a part of your special day for years to come.

Ready to incorporate florals and other plants into your wedding? Partner with the Garden on your special day! We’ll help customize the ultimate outdoor ceremony or reception to bring your garden-inspired vision to life. To inquire about having a ceremony or reception at the Garden, or find additional information about Garden weddings, check out our Weddings web page or contact our Events Team at or 920.593.5683.

PC: Camille Dexter Photography

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