Nature-Inspired Gifts for the Holiday Season

Looking for gifts for the loved ones in your life or even yourself? Consider one-of-a-kind, long-lasting gifts that are good for the local environment too!

Let’s check out what’s available at our WPS Trellis Gift Shop for your holiday shopping this year.

For the Book Lovers

We all have a loved one that enjoys reading and collecting books. The books in our gift shop focus on how to protect certain species and how to mold your landscape, garden, and patio to help support them.

We offer many different butterfly books! There’s an in-depth book that looks into butterflies, and a children’s book to introduce your child on how butterflies are more than a pretty insect.      

Learning how to turn your landscape into a bee and butterfly loving habitat is crucial for these pollinators. With bee populations low and Monarch butterflies red-listed on the extinction scale, we have to act!

The Big Book of Bugs shows how bugs aren’t creepy and crawly, but how they help the environment and your daily life. This book is not only perfect for adults, but also children. This book teaches us to not automatically get rid of the bugs in our gardens and landscapes, and how they actually help support the local ecosystem.

For the Bee Lovers

We love the bees here at the Garden and you should too!

We offer a variety of soaps that are made from pure honey. Honey is not only tasty, but amazing for your skin! Honey helps deeply moisturize and hydrate your skin. During these cold and dry months, treat yourself and loved ones to honey soap.

It’s easy to go through lots of plastic bags and containers every day. Instead of your regular Ziploc sandwich bags, look into bees wax food wrappers. These wrappers are fabric that have been coated in bees wax. When used, you can create an air tight wrapper that will keep your food fresh and lasting all day. When you are done using them, give them a quick wash in the sink, and you can use them again and again and again!

For the Bird Lovers

A number of birds are here year-round, but now that it’s wintertime, birds have less food sources.

At our gift shop, we offer many different types of bird feed to feed those hungry birds. We even offer some that the squirrels will not steal! Feeding the birds while they overwinter helps them stay healthy and warm throughout the tough temperatures.

Many birds use hair and small fibers to create cozy nests to stay warm. Our gift shop also offers nesting feeders that include small fibers birds can use for their nests to keep nice and warm. These fibers are sustainable so birds can create lasting nests, and when they’re done using their nest, other birds will come by and grab the fibers for their own nests!

These are just a few sustainable gift options for this holiday season! If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind and sustainable gifts for the nature lovers in your life, make sure to stop by this month. The WPS Trellis Gift Shop is open Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm and during your WPS Garden of Lights visit.

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