Conifers: The Winter Staple for Wisconsin Yards

The changing colors of autumn are breathtaking, painting the hills with vibrant hues. Still, once the last leaf has dropped, the landscape is left looking rather bare. A yard with dying grass void of blooms and foliage isn’t ideal, so as snow begins to fall, how can you make sure your yard is still stunning? […]

Nurture Your Roots in the Wisconsin Winter

Almost everyone struggles with some form of seasonal depression. In some people, it can be lack of energy, rise of anxiety, or moodiness. You can tell it’s a form of seasonal depression if these symptoms rise primarily in the late fall and throughout the winter months. It’s hard to embrace how quickly the sun goes […]

3 Ways to Protect Birds in The Winter Months

cardinal in winter

We all miss the beautiful songs of birds in the spring and summer, but now that winter is here, there are some days that we rarely see them. During harsh winter weather, there are easy ways you can protect and help the birds in your landscape and neighborhood. Provide Food The best way you can […]

Nature-Inspired Gifts for the Holiday Season

Looking for gifts for the loved ones in your life or even yourself? Consider one-of-a-kind, long-lasting gifts that are good for the local environment too! Let’s check out what’s available at our WPS Trellis Gift Shop for your holiday shopping this year. For the Book Lovers We all have a loved one that enjoys reading […]

WPS Garden of Lights Spotlight: The Homes of Beneficial Insects & Pollinators

As you explore the wintry outdoors and see a dazzling 325,000 holiday lights during WPS Garden of Lights, you’ll likely notice that we have a botanical and nature-inspired theme, and this is no coincidence! Each and every one of our hand-crafted displays represent an element of nature in some way, from buzzing bees to spinning […]

5 Things to Look for Outside This Winter

When the snow falls every winter, it seems to envelope everything in whiteness. A fresh snowfall is elegant — transforming branches, trees and the ground that we stand on into a wonderland. But the snow’s ability to shed new light on nature’s already present beauty only lasts so long, for every time we travel outdoors, […]

Where Animals Go During Winter: Reptiles & Amphibians

toad in grass

A few weeks ago we dove deeper into how birds, bees and other bugs survive winter’s cold temperatures by migrating, burrowing or colonies dying off except for the queen who would start a new generation in spring. This week, it’s our final installment and we’re going to be covering a segment of the Animal Kingdom […]

Where Animals Go During Winter: Birds, Bees & Other Bugs

cardinal in winter

Last time, we specifically talked about how mammals like squirrels, chipmunks and bears survive throughout the winter season in Wisconsin. This week, we’ll highlight the strategies that beneficial pollinators and other species of birds, bees and insects use that are different from mammals. Birds Birds have a big advantage over mammals – flight. Being able […]

Where Animals Go During Winter: Mammals


Anyone has who a garden may have seen bumble bees and honeybees buzzing about at the start of October. While bugs were beginning to slow down, they were still out and about, gearing up for winter. Now their activity has ceased, and we don’t see any bees or butterflies flitting about anymore. Why is this? […]

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