The Mystical Dragonfly

Dragonfly in Habitat exhibit

Dragonflies are a fan favorite in the insect world. With their beautiful wings, intriguing flying patterns, and the symbolism they hold, it’s hard not to love them. Besides being the beauty of your summer landscape, dragonflies are also extremely beneficial to your local ecosystem and environments around the world. Crowd Control Dragonflies are beautiful and […]

Butterflies: More Than Just Beautiful Wings

Butterflies are the beauties of our gardens and landscapes. Their beautiful colors and delicate wings bring life and color into our lives. But what purpose do they serve in our environment? Butterflies are beautiful but mighty workers. They help our environment more than we realize! Butterflies are Pollinators Butterflies are attracted to bright flowers and […]

Grasshoppers Hop to the Rescue!

Grasshoppers can get a pretty bad rap in the agricultural world. While they can do significant damage to farmers’ crops, without the help from grasshoppers our ecosystem wouldn’t be able to properly function. Grasshoppers play a critical role in the environment. They make a safer and more efficient place for other organisms to thrive. More […]

Praying Mantis: More Than a Cool Looking Insect

Praying mantises are an intriguing insect to find in the outdoors. They got their name – you guessed it! – from the way their arms rest in a praying stance. Many of us seem to enjoy their presence because they’re an interesting insect, but they serve a bigger purpose than just looking cool! What is […]

Bees, the Buzzing Superhero

bees on honeycomb

Bees are more than a cute little fuzzy insect… they are hard at work making your landscape, neighborhood, and world a better place! Even though they may sting once in a while, bees play an important role in the natural world. What Do Bees Do for You? Besides being the best producers for honey, bees […]

How to Make Your Garden, Backyard, or Patio Area a Home for Local Wildlife

Just like us, the critters in your landscape need shelter, food, and water to thrive. But how do you effectively make your landscape, backyard, or even patio area into the perfect home for the wildlife in your area? By focusing on creating critter-friendly spaces in your landscape, you will help provide a safe and cozy […]

3 Ways to Protect Birds in The Winter Months

cardinal in winter

We all miss the beautiful songs of birds in the spring and summer, but now that winter is here, there are some days that we rarely see them. During harsh winter weather, there are easy ways you can protect and help the birds in your landscape and neighborhood. Provide Food The best way you can […]

Nature-Inspired Gifts for the Holiday Season

Looking for gifts for the loved ones in your life or even yourself? Consider one-of-a-kind, long-lasting gifts that are good for the local environment too! Let’s check out what’s available at our WPS Trellis Gift Shop for your holiday shopping this year. For the Book Lovers We all have a loved one that enjoys reading […]