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WPS Garden of Lights Craft: Growing Flowers Origami

How Flowers Use Water Flowers are gorgeous, and here at the Garden, we know a thing or two about what they need to grow big and strong. After all, we grow thousands of them each year! Throughout the summer, our Horticulture Team is hard at work taking care of them, and one of the biggest […]

Tips for Your Trip: Making the Most of WPS Garden of Lights

As winter sets in again, here at the Garden, we’re welcoming the holidays with open arms. In fact, since it’s almost time for WPS Garden of Lights, it’s starting to look quite festive around here! But, before you join us for our 27th season, there’s a few important things that you might want to know. […]

WPS Garden of Lights Craft: Butterflies in Motion Coloring Page

In summer, the vibrant colors of butterflies are easy to spot against green grass and trees. What if I told you that just a few weeks ago, it probably looked entirely different? Butterflies are one of many animals that go through metamorphosis within their lifetimes. That means that their body goes through a series of […]

The Holiday Party Guide: 4 Ways to Make Your Seasonal Party Unforgettable

With the holidays waiting right around the corner, the calendar fills up pretty quickly. Now’s your chance to plan the perfect winter gathering, and we have just the venue in mind! Planning the ultimate holiday celebration can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we have plenty of tips. Here are our helpful hints for your flawless […]

WPS Garden of Lights: Connecting People with Plants Year-Round

As the temperatures outdoors begin to drop, so does the annual countdown to WPS Garden of Lights! Our 27th year is just around the corner, and with 40 displays composed of over 350,000 dazzling lights, we can’t wait for you to see what we have planned. So, while your mind starts to wander towards holiday […]

5 Tips for Natural & Sustainable Holiday Decorations

It’s the holidays! The season for garland, wreaths, and other holiday decoration is here. Have you given thought to how you can incorporate more natural décor into your usual setup? Maybe a more sustainable option for your holiday tree or outdoor decorations? The Garden works to include a number of environmentally-friendly aspects into WPS Garden […]

Know Before You Glow: Tips & Tricks for Your WPS Garden of Lights Visit

The holiday season is right around the corner! That means we are just a few days away from dazzling lights and fun nights during WPS Garden of Lights! Before you plan your visit to surround yourself in beautiful lights, we have some tips and tricks for you to prepare. Buy Your Tickets In Advance To […]

WPS Garden of Lights Spotlight: Why Trees are Essential for Animal Habitats

Trees are not only vital for humans, but they’re important for animals as well. By planting a tree in your yard, you’re not only making it more beautiful, but you’re also helping local wildlife out too. Even when a tree is only just a seedling or has just been planted, all different kinds of animals […]

WPS Garden of Lights Spotlight: The Homes of Beneficial Insects & Pollinators

As you explore the wintry outdoors and see a dazzling 325,000 holiday lights during WPS Garden of Lights, you’ll likely notice that we have a botanical and nature-inspired theme, and this is no coincidence! Each and every one of our hand-crafted displays represent an element of nature in some way, from buzzing bees to spinning […]

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