Humble Habitats: New Exhibit at the Garden

The central theme of Habitat is “Protecting Habitats Protects Life,” but how? Why should we care about these habitats around us? Simply put, a habitat is the natural environment of an organism – it’s where living things live. But habitats are anything but simple. Habitats provide the most basic needs for the beings that live […]

7 Edible Plants to Grow in Smaller Living Spaces

Don’t have a big enough patio or backyard garden area? You can still grow several edible plants that don’t require much space. From fresh herbs in your kitchen garden and cherry tomatoes in vertical planters to salad leaves in your balcony garden, you can grow all sorts of things. With yet another growing season on […]

Seed Starting for Green Thumbs: 9 Tips for the Veteran Gardener

“You reap what you sow,” may be a proverb with profound meaning, but it is literally true where gardening is concerned. Half the success of seed starting comes from the quality of seeds, and the other half from what you do with them. Here are some seed starting secrets that will help you have success […]

Planning a Garden: Make Your Supplies List

Now that you’ve got a rough mock-up of your garden, or perhaps a well measured and calculated plan, it’s time to start on a list of supplies. Search for Seeds If you’re going the easy way, you can probably get away with estimating how many packets of seeds you’ll need. If you’ve got a detailed […]

Planning a Garden: Create Your Garden Design

Last week, we covered a few of the initial steps in planning a garden or landscape area, including goals, budgeting, and spacing. Now, it’s time to actually sketch out your garden design. Start with a Simple Design There are a few different ways to go about sketching your garden or landscape design. If you’d like […]

Planning Your Garden: Set Goals, Find Space, & Determine a Budget

Maintaining a perfect garden takes time, effort, and some proper planning. Planning a garden before planting will help you ensure the health and longevity of your plants. Depending on the type of garden you’re planting, you could face different challenges and have different goals than other gardeners. For example, if you’re planting a vegetable garden, you will […]

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