WPS Garden of Lights Craft: Veggie Tails Paper Pull Puppet

While winter isn’t the best time for growing plants, many Wisconsinites keep a vegetable garden in the warmer months. In fact, it’s estimated that around 35% of households in the United States grow food in their own backyard garden.2 It can be so frustrating to see evidence of critters munching on your precious plants. You’re […]

WPS Garden of Lights Craft: Printable Floral Gift Tags

In our warmer months here at the Garden, thousands of show-stopping new blooms are on display. There’s something new to see every week. If you visit in winter, the Garden looks pretty different, but you still won’t miss out on our fantastic flowers. In fact, our WPS Garden of Lights “Field of Flowers” display features […]

WPS Garden of Lights Craft: Poinsettia Pop-Up Card

Poinsettias are an iconic native Mexican flower3, and you’ve probably seen them around a lot. They boast huge blooms of vibrant reds and pinks contrasted by green foliage, perfect for the holiday season. But, before you start on the craft, I need to let you in on a little secret. The blooms of a poinsettia […]

WPS Garden of Lights Craft: Snowflake Ornament

Snowflakes are marvelous, but a little confusing. How can chunks of ice falling from the sky be so intricate and graceful? Are all snowflakes truly unique? There are endless amounts of them, so surely a few have been identical. Well, a few things have to happen to create a snowflake. The first is that the […]

WPS Garden of Lights Craft: Growing Flowers Origami

How Flowers Use Water Flowers are gorgeous, and here at the Garden, we know a thing or two about what they need to grow big and strong. After all, we grow thousands of them each year! Throughout the summer, our Horticulture Team is hard at work taking care of them, and one of the biggest […]

WPS Garden of Lights Craft: Butterflies in Motion Coloring Page

In summer, the vibrant colors of butterflies are easy to spot against green grass and trees. What if I told you that just a few weeks ago, it probably looked entirely different? Butterflies are one of many animals that go through metamorphosis within their lifetimes. That means that their body goes through a series of […]

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