Garden Trends for 2022: From Crisis to Innovation

Each year, Garden Media Group puts together a Garden Trends Report for the upcoming year, which highlights major shifts and things to look for in the gardening, horticulture, and nature-related areas of our life, especially those that work in these types of industries. The Great Reset of 2021 had people switching up their lifestyles, making choices related […]

WPS Garden of Lights Spotlight: Why Trees are Essential for Animal Habitats

Trees are not only vital for humans, but they’re important for animals as well. By planting a tree in your yard, you’re not only making it more beautiful, but you’re also helping local wildlife out too. Even when a tree is only just a seedling or has just been planted, all different kinds of animals […]

8 Unique Tips for Planting Spring-Blooming Bulbs in Fall

If you envision a spring landscape blooming with vibrant color, planting bulbs will get you there. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, or a beginner just testing the waters of bulb planting, the following tips will help you get to know these wonderful plants a little better, and give you an even greater opportunity to grow […]

Horticulture Team Takes on Long-Term Magnolia Preservation Project

If you visit the Garden in spring, you’ll see one of the oldest flowering plants known worldwide, the magnolia. These beautiful flowering trees are older than bees! Yet, even more interesting is the Garden grows 14 unique magnolias breeds that don’t grow anywhere else. A collection of plants this rare is worth preserving! That’s why […]

25 Years of Volunteers: How Hours of Service Helped the Garden Grow, Then & Now

Looking back at the last 25 years since Green Bay Botanical Garden opened, we’re especially grateful for the garden lovers in our community who have dedicated their time to the Garden and its mission. Without their help, the Garden truly wouldn’t be the success that it is today. Let’s take a walk through the Garden’s […]

Fantasy, Whimsy, & Nature Inspired New Murals in Stumpf Hobbit House Restroom

Stop at the Stumpf Hobbit House during your next visit at the Garden and you will be transported to a fantastical world of tiny tree houses, fanciful foliage, and friendly woodland creatures. These marvelous murals are credited to Peter Koury, a talented artist and garden lover. Here’s Peter to tell you about his experience painting […]

The Partnership That Grew the Garden

Today, Green Bay Botanical Garden spans 47 acres full of natural Wisconsin scenes and features more than 60,000 breathtaking plants and flowers. 25 years ago, it was an undeveloped area with limitless potential. Nearly 25 years before that, it was an idea in the minds of a few passionate plant people. Here’s how almost 50 […]

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