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Outreach Programs

We'll Bring the Garden to You

Invite educators from Green Bay Botanical Garden into your school, daycare, or after school program for a fun and interactive learning experience. These educational programs will inspire your students’ natural curiosity and engage them in science activities to learn more about the plants and animals of the Garden. Our educators will bring all the supplies needed for a captivating field trip right in your own classroom!

Outreach programs are offered year-round, excluding May. Programs must be arranged at least four weeks in advance.

90-minute programs (unless adjusted by teacher request)

If the school is located more than 20 miles from the Garden, an additional mileage fee will be charged. If a school schedules more than one program in a day, each additional program will be given a $10 discount.

Limit: 30 students per program


Payments can be made in advance, upon arrival or invoiced after the program. Advanced payments can be made by phone with a credit or debit card or by mail with a check. Remember to contact our Education Team if something about your program changes.


If the date or time must be changed, contact the Garden at least two weeks prior to your scheduled Outreach Program. All efforts will be taken to reschedule. If an alternate date cannot be planned, a refund will be issued.

Program Scholarships

The Garden provides a limited amount of financial assistance to schools or organizations that have 40% or more participation in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP). Contact our Education Team for more information.


Pollination Play

K-2nd Grade

Investigate the importance of bees and pollination through fun activities and engaging discussions. Students will explore the parts of a flower, act out the process of pollination, dress up like a bee, and discover how people depend on both bees and pollination.

Nature’s Lunchbox

K-2nd Grade

Explore the connection between plants and the foods we eat. Learn to identify the many parts of a plant. Discover the difference between fruits and vegetables and then classify the fruits and vegetables we eat into the correct category. Students will uncover where their lunches come from!

Worms as Decomposers

2nd-5th Grade

Discover what makes worms so wonderful! Observe and identify the features of worms and explore their role as nature’s decomposers. Participate in data collection, eye-opening discussions, and hands-on activities to better understand these slimy friends.

Garden Detectives

2nd-5th Grade

Your classroom will be the site of an investigation, as your students follow clues and solve problems, while learning about the world of plants and insects. Students will identify common insects; discover insect habitats and survival characteristics; and determine whether or not an insect is a predator or herbivore, all while working to solve several mysterious cases.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Linda Gustke, Director of Education & Guest Experience, at 920.593.5680 or

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