Field Trip Curriculum

Nurture the Roots in Your Classroom

Guided field trips are linked to the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards. 

Updated lesson plans and pre/post activities coming this spring!

General Guided Field Trip

All Ages

Take students through the Garden to explore plants and nature. This field trip offers a fun and educational experience without following a set curriculum, and is ideal for a multi-aged children’s group.

Discovery in the Garden

Pre-school-1st Grade

Students discover why we need plants and how we use them. Hands-on fun includes an activity where students build a food web and learn the different plant parts they eat. Students also get to act like a tree and change with the different seasons. Just like the tree, their appreciation for nature will begin to grow!

Butterflies & Beyond

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Metamorphosis will come to life! Students explore the life-cycles of flowers and butterflies and learn their basic needs. Discover the role butterflies play in pollination and why it’s so important.

Dredging for Decomposers

1st-3rd Grade

Dig deep to explore the mysteries that lie within the different soils at Green Bay Botanical Garden. Students search for decomposers, identify biodegradable materials, and learn how worms are beneficial.

Seeds, Stems, & Students

1st-3rd Grade

Students get to hear about the adventures of a seed. They may even “leaf” out loud at the process of photosynthesis. This experience is a creative way of learning about plant growth and plant parts.

Wisconsin Weather & Water

2nd-4th Grade

Do your students know that trees sweat? In this experience, students will discover how water moves through a tree. They’ll also learn about water in our pond, where they’ll search for invertebrate forms of life. Not only that, students will hear how Wisconsin’s climate determines what we can grow in the Garden.

Exploring Ecosystems

3rd-5th Grade

Explore the Garden’s three ecosystems: forest, aquatic, and garden. Students discover that each ecosystem has its own food chain that includes producers, consumers, and decomposers. Students also learn about how different organisms live together to benefit each other.

Branching Out

6th-9th Grade
From roots to leaves, explore the mystery of deciduous plants. Students learn the classification of annuals and perennials, including genus and species.

Winter Ecology


You might think the plants are dead, but they’re just sleeping! In this experience, students will learn all about the ecology of winter. They’ll learn how to identify tracks, scat, and other signs of animal activity. They’ll also learn how and why some animals and plants use special adaptations to survive winter’s harsh weather.

Only available January-March.

Get Down to Earth

Middle School & Above

Enjoy a hands-on experience in the Garden! Students will see and experience what it takes to make our gardens grow. This service-learning project is a wonderful way to teach students about science and get them involved in the community. This free experience includes 45 minutes of work followed by an opportunity for a self-guided tour of the Garden.

Contact Us

For more information on our field trip curriculum, contact Linda Gustke, Director of Education & Guest Experience, at 920.491.3691 ext. 122 or

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