Jingle Bell Craft

Each Craft Kit Contains

One paper cup

One pipe cleaner

One bead

One six-inch length of silver ribbon

One three-inch length of white string

One jingle bell

One instructions sheet

Step One

Make a small loop on one end of the pipe cleaner. Tie the string to the loop on the pipe cleaner.

Step Two

Tie a jingle bell to the other end of the string.

Step Three

Insert the end of the pipe cleaner through the hole from the inside of the paper cup. Push all the way until the loop on the pipe cleaner touches the bottom of the paper cup.

Step Four

String the bead through the other end of the pipe cleaner at the top of the cup. Move the bead all the way down until it touches the bottom of the paper cup. Bring the end of the pipe cleaner down towards the top of the bead to make a loop. Fasten it just above the bead.

Step Five

Tie the sparkly ribbon into a bow above the bead.

Hang it in your house for the holidays!

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