Herb Garden Inspiration

Planting a container garden is an easy, simple way to get the benefit of flowers, veggies, or – in this case, herbs! – in a compact space.

Whether you’ve got a cement patio, apartment balcony, or a free spot inside your living space by a sunlit window, these herb garden designs will help you green up your day-to-day this summer!

All plans include a list of five plants each plus a simple design for a container based on size. These were created by Alyssa Giese, Horticulturist, who tends to our Herb Display Gardens during the growing season.

Mild onion flavor
Golden Lemon thyme
Earthy, woodsy flavor
Red Rubin basil
Peppery flavor
Touch of Red Buff calendula
leafy celery
Pungent and spicy flavor
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Blue Queen butterfly pea
Mild, sweet floral flavor
Thumbelina Leigh lavender
Floral flavor
Purpurascens sage
Lime basil
Cinnamon Flavor
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Thai basil
Peppery flavor
Mexican mint marigold
Sweet anise flavor
Empress of India nasturtium
Peppery flavor
German chamomile
Fruity, floral and slightly bitter flavor
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wooly thyme
Used by fairies for resting or dancing
Tiny Rubies dianthus
Fairies use the flowers for cushions
Tokyo Sun sedum
Popular plant used in fairy gardens
Glorizia rosemary
Fairy children like to swing in the branches
Pineapple Paradise™ Chick Charms® hens and chicks
Popular plant used in fairy gardens
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Super Thai chili pepper
East-Indian lemongrass
red malabar spinach
Green Wave mustard greens
Asian Delight pak choi
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East-Indian lemongrass
Used to treat digestion issues and high blood pressure
Kaleidoscope nasturtium
Used to soothe sore throats and colds
Moss Curled parsley
Used for anti-inflammatory
Tuscan Blue rosemary
Used for antioxidant
Used to treat fevers and constipation
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Pink Truffula™ globe amaranth
Attracts butterfliesand hummingbirds
Cherry Sunrise Bandolero™ lantana
Yellow Zydeco™ zinnia
Atracts bees and butterflies
Raspberry Lucky Star® pentas
Giant of Italy parsley
Atracts butterfly larvae
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common thyme
Pot-a-Peño jalapeño pepper
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