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How to Really Recycle to Make a Difference

The sculptures of the Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea exhibit are on their way back to Oregon this week. After experiencing these beautiful yet eye-opening sculptures in person this summer, many visitors to the Garden walked away pondering how they could make a difference in their local environment. One way to help improve […]

The Problem with Nutrient Pollution & Algae Blooms

By Josie Knuth, Marketing & Communications Intern Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea reveals the devastating impact plastic pollution has on local habitats of water species like Stanley the Sturgeon and Giacometti the River Otter. Unfortunately, plastic isn’t the only pollutant swimming in the homes of Stanley and Giacometti. Algae, the smelly, green stuff […]

Welcome Beneficial Insects into Your Garden with an Insect Hotel

bee on flower

It’s not uncommon to see your garden infested with insects and have the urge to get rid of them. But as Mark Konlock (Director of Horticulture) says, sometimes you have to learn to live with the damage of insects because it likely means you’re supporting a healthy ecosystem full of plants, trees, insects, and other […]

4 Sustainable Water Practices for Your Garden

Water. It’s essential for all life, including the life growing in your garden, landscape, and plant containers flourishing in your living space. While it’s important to make sure your garden is properly watered, there are certain watering practices that contribute to the global water problem. It may not seem like a problem when you have […]

6 Facts about Water Pollution in the Great Lakes

If you get the chance to visit us this summer, you will see eight larger than life sculptures scattered throughout the Garden which are part of the Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea exhibit. This exhibit features several water-loving sea creatures including Chompers the Shark and Priscilla the Parrot Fish. Also starring in the […]

4 Easy Ways to Help Make Your Garden (or Landscape) More Sustainable

volunteer weeding

Sustainability is a hot topic right now in the gardening world. With Earth Day coming up next week, it’s more important than ever to be educated about what we can do at home, in our communities and in other areas to lessen our collective impact on local, natural ecosystems through our gardening and landscaping practices. […]

Sustainability Efforts at the Garden: Part Two

Last week, we shared some of the sustainable actions we’ve been taking behind the scenes and how the Garden is committed to reducing our energy and resource use. This week learn more about how we’re bringing these environmental awareness initiatives and more to Garden visitors. Education is a large part of what we focus on […]

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