3 Winter-Hardy Plants to Add to Your Landscape

During the spring, summer, and fall, we look forward to decorating our landscape with seasonal blooms and greenery. Once winter hits, we may feel like we are stuck in a rut with gardening. Wisconsin is located in zone 5a for the planting calendar. This means that our average minimum temperature is minus 20 degrees, which […]

Tips for Planting Spring Bulbs in the Fall

Seeing colorful blooms in the spring time is a sign for new beginnings and sunny weather. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner just testing the waters of bulb planting, follow these tips and tricks so your garden is sprinkled with color come spring. Picking the Perfect Spot Spring blooming bulbs need at least […]

Native Plants to Fill Your Fall Gaps & Containers

As we transition further in fall you might be stuck on what to do with your garden or landscape at home. When we think of fall, we think of plants and blooms dying off because the air is colder and the sun isn’t around as much. On the contrary, there are multiple different plants that […]

5 Tips for Bringing Your Plants Indoors for the Winter

When it comes to houseplant maintenance, it’s quite common for owners to move their houseplants outside in the summer so they can absorb fresh air, soak up rainwater, and bask in sunny summer weather. Because most houseplants are considered tropical, they need to be returned indoors once the weather turns cold again – especially in […]

3 Easy Tips for Sustainable Garden & Landscape Cleanup

Raking leaves, cutting back plants, and cleaning up our landscape is part of our typical fall checklist, but did you know that beneficial pollinators, insects, and other animals rely on autumn debris and dried plants for shelter and food in the winter? Fall garden cleanup can also make spring gardening far easier as much of […]

Where Animals Go During Winter: Reptiles & Amphibians

toad in grass

A few weeks ago we dove deeper into how birds, bees and other bugs survive winter’s cold temperatures by migrating, burrowing or colonies dying off except for the queen who would start a new generation in spring. This week, it’s our final installment and we’re going to be covering a segment of the Animal Kingdom […]

How Plants Survive the Winter: Damage Prevention Tips

conifer tree

With all of the challenges posed to plants in the winter season, what can you do to protect your plants from the cold? We’ve got a few tips, some are easy to do, while others require a bit of creativity: Know what plants are cold tolerant and which aren’t. Knowing your plant’s hardiness zone will […]

How Plants Survive the Winter: Adaptations & Damage

leaves turning brown in fall

If you’re reading from Wisconsin, you’ve very likely felt the chill in the air this autumn and seen the colors of tree leaves transform from a sea of green into a brilliant portrait of reds, golds and browns. While the fall is a great time for us to get outdoors and enjoy the sights, sounds […]

The Witches Garden

pink panther common fox glove

From Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling – we seem to have an undying curiosity of what plants the witches used… and for what. With Halloween right around the corner, we thought we would share some with you. Shakespeare gave us the most recognizable and infamous of all incantations with the three Scottish witches in Macbeth: “Eye […]

Pollinator Migration Roundup: Who Stays and Who Goes?

blue hummingbird drinking from flower

When record-breaking cold temperatures hit Wisconsin during our brutal winters, some of us endure the piles and piles of snow that arrive while others travel to warmer destinations. It turns out, pollinators do the same thing: some of them stay and some of them go. Pollinators that migrate to climates that are warmer and closer […]