Welcome Beneficial Insects into Your Garden with an Insect Hotel

bee on flower

It’s not uncommon to see your garden infested with insects and have the urge to get rid of them. But as Mark Konlock (Director of Horticulture) says, sometimes you have to learn to live with the damage of insects because it likely means you’re supporting a healthy ecosystem full of plants, trees, insects, and other […]

Sustainability Efforts at the Garden: Part Two

Last week, we shared some of the sustainable actions we’ve been taking behind the scenes and how the Garden is committed to reducing our energy and resource use. This week learn more about how we’re bringing these environmental awareness initiatives and more to Garden visitors. Education is a large part of what we focus on […]

Pollinator Migration Roundup: Who Stays and Who Goes?

blue hummingbird drinking from flower

When record-breaking cold temperatures hit Wisconsin during our brutal winters, some of us endure the piles and piles of snow that arrive while others travel to warmer destinations. It turns out, pollinators do the same thing: some of them stay and some of them go. Pollinators that migrate to climates that are warmer and closer […]

Pollinator Feature: Beetles, Birds and Bats – The 3 B’s of Lesser Known Pollinators

hummingbird in flight

Bees and butterflies are two of the most famous types of pollinators, and ironically, they both start with the letter b. This alliteration is made up of extremely essential creatures that help fertilize plants, so they can produce fruits, seeds and other young plants. However, this extensive, large-scale job does not rest on the shoulders […]

Dinner for Pollinators: More Than Just Nectar and Pollen on the Table

butterflies feeding on fruit

In our Butterflies & Blooms exhibit, butterflies have a buffet of meals they can munch on. Nectar, sugar water and overripe fruits like bananas and blood oranges keep these creatures feeling satisfied with their favorite meals. But what about other pollinators? Honey bees, hummingbirds, moths and bats all consume nectar and help with the pollination […]

Pollinator Feature: 5 “Bad Boys” of the Pollinator World


In an attempt to enjoy a beautiful summer day, crawling and buzzing insects can be so bothersome to the point that reaching toward a fly swatter is involuntary. However, most of the creatures that tend to annoy us or cause a ruckus during these warm months are actually essential pollinators! Here are five insects that […]

Find the Perfect Pollinator Plant for Your Living Space

Lantana Landmark Gold

After a long winter’s nap, pollinators are slowly starting to emerge. Conserving these creatures is vitally important, as the health of our ecosystems hangs in the balance. So, why not give them a warm welcome from their slumber with a pollinator-friendly plant? Our horticulturists chose their top five annuals to share with you this year! […]

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