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5 Unexpected Perks to a Brunch Wedding

Brunch weddings are a clearly growing trend – our Weddings Coordinator, Kristin Engels, says she already has two booked for next year! Even though it’s been a bit off the beaten path of weddings, brunch weddings are a unique, but valid choice.

This trend might be the perfect fit for your dream day. How do you know if a brunch wedding is right for you? Well, let’s dive into some of the major pros that come with a mid-morning wedding!

It’s Easy on the Wallet

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Wedding planning is stressful, especially when you start to crunch the numbers. With limited venue availability and premium prices for weekend receptions, things add up quickly. Many vendor rates are discounted on Sundays, but how can you possibly ask your guests to stay out late with work the next morning and travel accommodations? A Sunday brunch wedding is the perfect solution! It’s just as much of a celebration, at a lower price, and allows your guests time to prepare for their week ahead.

Avoid the Evening Chill & Bring in Bright Colors

Brunch weddings are also a great option for outdoor receptions in spring and fall. While the evenings tend to get chilly, scheduling your wedding for the middle of the day ensures that you’ll be comfortable throughout the whole celebration. Plus, with the bright morning sky, you can make your wedding colors even more unique with vibrant choices you wouldn’t necessarily go for in an evening look!

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You Can Relax & Celebrate

Having a brunch wedding also sets a different, more laid-back tone. While you certainly can still have stilettos, black ties, and chandeliers, that’s not something that your guests will arrive expecting. So, relax, kick back, and soak in the morning sun.

The Food

With our wide variety of diners, family restaurants, and other upscale eateries, brunch food is near and dear to Midwesterners. Why have a plated meal of white meat chicken, garden vegetables, and mashed potatoes when you could have an omelet station, pancakes, pastries, and so much more? The best part is, it’s often less expensive than a traditional plated reception dinner!

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Having a brunch wedding also affords you the opportunity to think outside of the box with the drink menu. There’s a different brunch drink for every style of bride, so have some fun with bloody Mary’s, mimosas, or even screwdrivers. If you’re looking for a different kind of fix, what’s a morning wedding without coffee? This is your chance to go over the top with an espresso bar, flavors, and maybe even a signature latte for your big day! With how early you’ll be getting up, you’ll thank yourself later.

PC: John Oates

The Party Doesn’t Have to Stop

While you can cut the festivities off after the reception, the day is still young! This frees up plenty of time to tag on an activity after the wedding itself. So, go for a group hike, visit the beach, screen a movie, or don’t! It’s entirely up to you. Still, it’s nice to have the option for the ultimate custom experience.

If a brunch wedding at the Garden sounds like the perfect fit for you, reach out to learn more about our openings, preferred caterers, and venue options! Still, if you aren’t a morning person, we totally understand. Let the Garden be a part of your special day and help customize your ideal ceremony or reception! Visit our website for more information or contact our Weddings Team at or 920.593.5683.

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