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Winter Celebration

Saturday, January 28

9 am–5 pm

Free Admission

Don’t let the weather keep you in – celebrate the season at the Garden with your family! Learn more about winter habitats and discover animals that stay in Wisconsin through the cold, clouds, and snow.


Will the Winds Win?

Nests provide birds warmth and protection from the elements, like wind! See if you can build a nest that’ll withstand a Wisconsin winter using natural materials like sticks, string, cotton, and more.

Migration Race

Insects of all kinds find ways to battle cold weather. Dragonfly nymphs stay underwater, dragonfly adults fly south, and Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico and California during winter.

In this game, race your insects to help them beat the cold temperatures and migrate before winter hits!

Habitat Builderball

Habitats provide essential resources for life on Earth including food, water, and shelter!

One team will try to “build a habitat” while the other team tries to stop them! The builder team will need to pass the resources from one side of the field to the other, trying to get the resources to land safely in the hoola hoops.

Dead Wood Scavenger Hunt

Can you spot which animals use dead wood for their winter habitats? Search the Garden with binoculars to find them while you’re in the Stumpf Belvedere!

Sponsored in part by

Cornerstone Foundation of Northeastern Wisconsin, Inc.

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Friday, June 2 | Early Closure at 4:30 pm for Still Surfin’: A Tribute to the Beach Boys Concert