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The Garden is now offering 50% OFF all general admission fees in March, so come on out and experience the winter Garden! Free snowshoes available for checkout.

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Horticultural Links of Interest

Family in Children's Gardening Patch.View a list of websites that can provide further information on various horticulture topics.

Gardening Clubs

Local gardening clubs are members of Green Bay Botanical Garden and hold meetings and events at the Garden. View a list of gardening clubs that are current members.

Solar Panels

More information about the NWTC Solar Flair Project (the PDF is large and will take a moment to load) or visit www.sunnyportal.com

NWTC Solar Flair Project Quick Facts

  • There are twenty eight solar modules in each panel (fifty six total), arranged in the shape of a “flower.” Each one is triangular in shape. 
  • Sunlight to just one of the modules for five minutes will provide all of the energy needed to run their motors to track the sun. 
  • 25% more energy is gained by having the panels track rather than be stationary. 
  • Each panel produces 50 volts DC at 20 amps. 
  • There are four zerk fittings per panel on the moving parts.
  • Summer vs Winter – silicone performs better when cold therefore more energy will be produced in the winter months. 
  • The modules produce 72 watts each (2,000 watts (2kW) collectively) at peak. 
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