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Family in Children's Gardening Patch.

Horticultural Links of Interest

View a list of websites that can provide information on various horticulture topics.

Seeds, Plants and Supplies

View a list of websites that can provide information on seeds, plants and supplies.

Hot Topics

Brown County Bee Keepers Association 

Research / Trialing

Horticultural research and trialing  is done to determine specific characteristics such as yield, fruit size, flower color, etc., sustainability or suitability to a climate.

Gardening Clubs

Local gardening clubs are members of Green Bay Botanical Garden and hold meetings and events at the Garden. View a list of gardening clubs that are current members.

Solar Panels

More information about the NWTC Solar Flair Project (the PDF is large and will take a moment to load) or visit www.sunnyportal.com

NWTC Solar Flair Project Quick Facts

  • There are twenty eight solar modules in each panel (fifty six total), arranged in the shape of a “flower.” Each one is triangular in shape. 
  • Sunlight to just one of the modules for five minutes will provide all of the energy needed to run their motors to track the sun. 
  • 25% more energy is gained by having the panels track rather than be stationary. 
  • Each panel produces 50 volts DC at 20 amps. 
  • There are four zerk fittings per panel on the moving parts.
  • Summer vs Winter – silicone performs better when cold therefore more energy will be produced in the winter months. 
  • The modules produce 72 watts each (2,000 watts (2kW) collectively) at peak. 
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