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Les & Dar Stumpf Hobbit House Restroom

The Les & Dar Stumpf Hobbit House is a three-season facility, which serves the needs of our visitors to this area of the Garden. It was designed to be whimsical, yet practical and functional. The restroom features the following facilities and energy efficiencies:

  • Facility is built into the hillside, which minimizes the heating and cooling requirements
  • Equipped with solar light tubes, which minimize the additional electrical lighting needs
  • Four sparkling toilets, one men’s urinal and five spectacular sinks, all very water efficient
  • Three really cool Dyson air blades, which are energy efficient hand dryers, sure to leave your hands dry in just a few seconds
  • But obviously, the coolest part of the project is the outside: kids will love getting their business done in this building, and there’s a really cool multi-level drinking fountain for hydration. There are great photo opportunities with the open air windows, and the patio/deck on the roof offers fantastic views of the Children’s Garden and beyond.

The Garden’s long term plans for this corner is to continue to develop the Children’s Garden with additional features, including climbing and water features. 

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