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Gardening Tips for Hot Weather - Jul 17, 2013

By Mark Konlock, Director of Horticulture

The weather this week is extremely hot and humid. Here are a few helpful tips for gardening in hot weather:

  • Try to water early in the morning to reduce heat stress on you the gardener, give plants moisture for the hot part of the day, and reduce disease incidence caused by plants having wet foliage at night
  • Weed and do other chores in the shade during the afternoon heat
  • Stay hydrated with lots of water throughout the day
  • Take a cooling break in air conditioning if needed
  • Read a gardening book instead of gardening!
  • Appreciate the mulching you did earlier in the season that is now retaining moisture and keeping your plants looking good
  • Do not water your turf and let it go dormant, no mowing in the heat and it will green up once temperatures moderate in late summer
  • Enjoy drought tolerant natives that you planted over the years

Hopefully these tips will help you stay cool this week!

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