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It's Bulb Time! - Oct 3, 2011

by Mark Konlock, Director of Horticulture, Green Bay Botanical Garden

Green Bay Botanical Garden (GBBG) will be planting 22,750 bulbs this fall. Of these, 17,000 will be purchased anew and 5,750 will be reused from last year.  Many of the 27,000 bulbs planted in 2010 were left in place to perennialize including 10,000 bulbs in the King Shade Garden and Jenquine Pavilion and Overlook Garden.  Now that our Fall Family Festival event is over for the year, GBBG garden staff will begin removing the summer annual displays and preparing for bulb planting.  We typically wait for a frost or two in the fall before we begin our full fledged bulb planting efforts.  The use of augers on drills has greatly increased our planting efficiency and decreased staff discomfort!  GBBG purchases the bulk of our bulbs from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs and Colorblends. Happy planting!

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