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Camp GBBG is a Success! - Aug 22, 2011

by Kelle Hartman,  Educator, Green Bay Botanical Garden

Camp GBBG kids searching for butterflies!

Caterpillars and spiders and worms….Hurray!  Though many of our campers were reluctant to attend Camp GBBG this summer because they were a little bit afraid of bugs, they went home each day sharing stories of just how interesting they really are.  “I learned that dragonflies eat mosquitoes and that dragonflies start out as small caterpillars in the water,” said 6 year old Jacob Hagerty.  6 year old Isabelle Mathias agreed.  “Some of the bugs were pretty and some were gross.  I got to hold the dragonfly and it was so cute. It sheds its skin when it wants to grow its wings. They get on a long piece of grass and they shed their skin and the wings pop out. They can't fly when their wings are wet just like a fairy. So they have to wait until their wings are dry to fly. Dragonflies lay eggs on the water.”

Moms and Dads were equally as pleased.  Leah Kafka said her daughter “loved playing new games and making creative art projects.  She also had a great time catching tadpoles in the pond, catching toads in the children's garden and hunting Japanese beetles in the rose garden.  Isabella learned that gardens are a great source of entertainment outdoors.  She learned to have fun doing simple outdoor activities like catching bugs, tadpoles and toads.  She also began to develop an appreciation for horticulture and the environment.”

Camp GBBG kids playing 'freeze tag' in the Agnes Schneider Terrace.

Providing kids with the opportunity to try new and different experiences outdoors is the driving idea behind Camp GBBG.  Isabelle’s mom Debbie commented that “Before when we had a fly in the house she would not go near it. The week of class I found her in the kitchen looking at a fly up close trying to see it's tounge. Amazing!”

That’s what it’s all about!

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