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What Do Gardeners Do in the Winter? - Feb 23, 2011

Winter scene at Green Bay Botanical Garden
by Mark Konlock, Director of Horticulture, Green Bay Botanical Garden

Have you ever thought this very same question? What do gardeners do in the winter? What are the staff at Green Bay Botanical Garden doing in the middle of winter with snow covering all of the gardens? Well, here's your answer...

Although the horticulture department staff are not seen as often in the winter, rest assured we are hard at work, just at different tasks than during the growing season. Below are some of the jobs we are working on this winter:

    • Plan next year’s gardens

    • Purchase annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees

    • Work with NWTC to produce bedding plants

    • Take down light show frames and lights

    • Convert light frames from incandescent to LEDs

    • Record plants installed in summer of 2010 into database (This year there were 1,330 entries with multiple pages per entry.)

    • Create labels for all new plants to be installed in 2011

    • Care for plants being overwintered in the Horticulture/Volunteer Center and NWTC Greenhouses

    • Prepare budget

    • Maintain and repair all equipment

    • Coordinate with stakeholders on building expansion

    • Attend garden development task force meetings to plan new garden areas

    • Attend continuing education events

    • Write blogs

    • Update gardening topic articles on website

    • Clean and reorganize work spaces and files

    • Prune trees and shrubs

    • Organize and sharpen tools

    • Snowplow, snow blow, shovel, and salt

    • Take vacation

Winter gives us time to reconnoiter and get ready for the growing season and we plan to make it the best yet!

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